Neutrino and newcamd - help request.



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Hi all.
I have recently installed a neutrino image on my 5620 to see myself if recording is really better than with other images (it is).
Install smooth, configuration almost smooth, camd3 manual install smooth.

I have two problems though: I can't seem to find any addon, specifically emus (thats why I made a camd3 manual install, for which I found a few hints) and I can't seem to get newcamd working (manual install too).

Here is how it went for camd3:
- copy camd3 and pcamd in /var/emu, chmod 755
- copy camd3.config in /var/keys
- select camd3 from the addon menu, everything ok and working.

Here is how it doesn't work with newcamd:
- copy newcamd, betad and cardserver in /var/emu, chmod 755
- copy newcamd.conf in /var/keys
- select newcamd from the addon menu ... not working.
Here's the error:
[newcamd-v6.06 22:17:32] cws Connection refused
[newcamd-v6.06 22:17:33] cws Connection refused
[newcamd-v6.06 22:17:33] cws client UDS:0 connect: No such file or directory
[newcamd-v6.06 22:17:33] cws UDS:0: Connection failed

Am I missing something?