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I am considering buying the new Echostar AD3000 IP with embedded Viaccess. I'd appreciate any comments or information on this receiver. What do i need to make use of the Viaccess , i live just North of London UK and i'm thinking of buying a 1.0mtr Lenson Heath dish with my system. What channels can i receive and what card will i need to use with the embedded Viaccess. Thanks all.


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You should check out the two top sites for channel/sat info:

and have a look through their channel listings for Viaccess-encrypted stuff. It's used by TPS the French provider, for example, on Astra1. And at least one of the erotic providers uses Viaccess.

The Echostar model is identical to the ad3000ip but with the addition of embedded Viaccess. I use the ad3000ip and am generally very pleased with it. It is a supremely capable all-in-one receiver, albeit a little buggy in the software and with a skinny manual. For my money, it's the best integrated analogue+dfigital+positioner on the market.

You should check out Echostar's homepage at
Also check out the following board for much Dutch and English-language discussion on the ad3000ip