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This one's new to me. Appears to include extra HDD functionality.

Again from

Td - Greece Hdd Image

* based on image from 23.11.2005 and software from BM 120a

Simply copy /usr folder in mnt/hd/data
and the dvb2001 folder in /mnt/hd/data/stb/lib
chmod 755 /mnt/hd/data/usr/init

reboot the box


* patched libembCA so only CI slot works (rest with help of emus)
* latest rdgd v4beta40, mgcamd 20051121, newCS 1.RC05,Evocamd 1.03 laufvogel 2.03 & cs2laufvogel.
NOTE: Card "overclocking" is just in testing stage. We already tested as much card
as possible but still some cards are untested.
* NO PASSWORD added!!! To set password telnet to box and run command password. You
can change password by Yourself!!!!
* Rdgd: Sharing submenu is working now, but need few cosmetics fixes
for refreshing content (tweaking with OSD API). You can simple see card info too.
* As always - keys are only as reference. Update on your own
* For full functionality of Bmtoy You need go to Expert Options Menu
and set "Plugin StandbyMode" to "stop&unload". If You will not do it
emu after standby mode will not be switched!!!
This can be used also when mainboard is patched to work as cardserver!!
* Added geat script plugin by Dumbo (big thx!!), You can reload or backup settings from hdd.
* Added possibility to restart emu from menu. Go to Extras and press ok on
restart EMU plugin. Tested and working

Td - Greece Team