New LG display tech promises cheaper LCDs

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Jun 26, 2007
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LG Display is set to unveil a new roll-printing TFT technologythis month, which could lead to even cheaper LCD TVs, laptops and computermonitors.
The roll-printing process is designed to replace theexisting photolithography stage on LG's TFT-LCD production line.
A TFT is essentially acircuit that’s formed with semiconductor films on a thin glass substrate tocontrol liquid crystals in an LCD panel. Photolithography, in turn, is the processof forming the actual circuit patterns on the TFT and colour filter substrate.
Photolithography is a complex and expensive series of processes.It’s a critical step in the LCD manufacturing process because panel qualitydepends on the formation of the TFT pattern.
As such, part-built TFT-LCD panels areextremely sensitive to contamination. So the multi-stage photolithographyprocess requires a special clean room environment and precise control of equipment,chemicals and raw materials.
Rolling LCDs off the production line
According to LG, its new roll-printing technology combines thevarious stages of the photolithographic processes into one. It’s expected tohelp reduce overall equipment costs, clean room investment and to shorten theproduction time of TFT-LCDs.
The roll-printing process is also moreenvironment-friendly, says LG, significantly reducing the use of chemicals.
"LG Display’s TFT roll-printing technology will give us astrong lead in the market for next generation printing technologies," said In-JaeChung, LG Display’s Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President. "Wewill continue to pioneer the development of cutting-edge display technology toeffectively meet our customers’ current and future needs."
LG is looking ahead to future demand for bigger, higherperformance LCD panels. The new roll-printing technology is also ideal for thenext-generation of thin and flexible displays.
The technology will be unveiled at the Societyof Information Display 2008 show that starts May 20.