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Hi There

I am currently looking for a decesnt motorised sat system and would like some advice on the following,

I have been looking around (i.e. surfing) to find motorised systems and, obviously, have come up with many different systems at many different prices etc... There is a particular system which looks and sounds descent at, what looks like, a reasonable price. The system is a diseqc motorised Technomate 7755 2VA 2Ci system with embedded Dragon CAM, costing £220.

Money is not particularly the be all and end all as I would like the system I buy to last for a while and get my 'moneys worth'

Any advise or comments would be welcomed to enable me to "make up my mind"


L esdude ({})


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Id go for the Technomate 1500ci its an excellent system.. has a card and cam slot for the future .,, and its so small you could balance on your little finger.. also has patches out within a few hours..