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I am a new user, and I have just subscribed to Sky Digital - the engineer came and installed the minidish and digibox last week.

I can get all Sky Digital channels (with exception to Box Office), but when I go to the Add New Channel option in the setup menu and enter the Freq./FEC ect. for ANY channel, I get a 'Signal not found' message. :(

Why is this?, and how do I go about adjusting my setup to solve the problem? I don't know ANYTHING about satelite systems, and only have a Sky Digital card.

Sorry if this is so basic a question (I guess I have to start from somewhere!), but I am dying to get the hardcore adult channels - the Sky ones are so soft, and crap!


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I'm afraid Dazzyb, that what you've got is what you'll get with your present system. There is very little other than the Sky channels on the 28.2 satellite position and the digibox is ill equipped to receive other channels anyway.

If you're looking to receive hard core mature content channels you will need a different receiver, different dish (or at least the same dish pointing at a different satellite) and a cam and viewing card.


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Not too sure about that

The amount of advertising time and self promotion on some Sky channels could be called obscene

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