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Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully answering my questions.

My system consists of a dish, twin eyes(for reasons only known to my installer), Humax CI-5100 decoder with twin CAM slots where I have installed a “card” into one slot containing two soldered chips; PIC 16F84 and EEPROM 24LC16B. After installing this card I was able to watch most channels to suit my needs (TELE +, BBCNEWS, SKYNEWS and STREAM). But, recently I have not been able to view these channels, as the error message received on my TV screen advises me that “This Service is Not Running or is Scrambled” therefore, I can only assume my “card” requires to be reprogrammed, furthermore I am unable to locate the local vendor to do this.

Therefore, I would like to start reprogramming my own card for a non-commercial purpose, but there seems to be many available products on the open market and when requesting information on what I require to achieve this, the suppliers seem a little reluctant to give clear advice, that's why I have decided to post a message here.




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May 1, 1999
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[updated:LAST EDITED ON 29-Jun-02 AT 07:39 AM (GMT)]By twin eyes, I presume you mean a monoblock LNB Sugi (one that looks at two satellites), that would mean that you can probably see Astra 19.2E and Hotbird 13E. Do you know what CAMs your receiver has as its not one I'm familiar with.

If you search the cards and programmers forum for "Elvis" there are many threads describing the cababilities of this excellent low cost programmer. These threads will also advise on which smart cards are most suitable and which files to use, with some tips on where to get them. Alternatively, try "Nobbly's Big Links" topic in the Keys forum.

Bearing in mind that it is illegal to program cards for piracy, it is not surprising that the vast majority of dealers will not offer advice on so doing :)



Thanks for the feedback Rolf, and yes the twin eyes we refer to are for looking at two satellites but, which two we are unsure about, other than we are presently on a long term mission in Italy and having little or no understanding of the Italian language, we need British T.V. or English speaking channels.

We have two CAM slots in my HUMAX decoder one is fitted with AstonCrypt V1.05, this is where we have installed the “card” containing two soldered chips; PIC 16F84 and EEPROM 24LC16B. The other slot is blank at present although once we a familiar with our new hobby I guess we will expand our horizons.

We will check out the info you have given us and advise you of the outcome.