Newbie Alert - Help Me Get Started..

Hey Im new to this...

I have a CHIPDRIVE smartcard reader,, its part of the internal multi card unit that came with my computer..

can i read/write to cards usinge thei..

i can read tha data off of simcards with the software provided, yet i am unable to find software that lets me progam DTV cards..

i have an old NTL and ONdigital smart card and oa few old sim cards that i can use to write on.. can i format these cards and use them..

What sofware do i use..
the card reader/wirtes is connected to the usb..

Many Thanx in advance..

p.s. has the topup tv card been hacked.. if so where can i find the information to make one.. i aint all that rich and have a nokia 9850T Digital Reciever..

Thanx again