Newbie CAM loading questions



My Satellite Setup
GoldMaster 9400V CI, ZetaCAM red, Orion Dream, 80cm @ Turksat, 80cm @ Hotbird
My Location
Bremen Germany
Like I read in an older post from a newbie, the more I read the more confused I get!

I am an American living in Turkey. I have a Goldmaster 9400V CI, a black viaccess with a gold card, Orion Dream (2.035P, the locals call it a 6 in 1 card), and a ZetaCAM red.

From what I have figured out, the GM 9400 has viaccess decoding built in. I have successfully updated keys in it and can watch MultiVision, CNN and others with no CAM installed. So, it looks like my black card is redundant and repititious. The local shop tells me that the black module with the gold card is old and basicaly useless. But then, I read on some sites that the black card is rare and goes for toward $250 in some cases. Any opinions on it?

Untill recently, my ZetaCAM red worked flawlessly for FullX 1 and 2 off Hotbird but I think I may have killed it transporting back and forth to an Inca PCI tuner. I never could get it to work in the Inca, and now in the GM it will not decode either. The Inca would report CAM error, the GM reads it as "module" and seems to lockup if I go into and then out of the menu options for it's slot. I have to turn the receiver off and back on to be able to access the menu for the slot again.

For the Orion Dream CAM I have been trying to be able to update it via PCMCIA in my laptop but I don't seem to get past the first step of updateing the boot loader. Do I need to serial into the receiver and set the CAM to update via serial, or do I need a loader to go into the CAM? If I need a loader, will a Matrix programmer work? I get mixed answers from the local shops. Fortunately the guy with the loader is honest enough to say he does not know if it will work, but others give the mixed answers. I had the dream working for XPlus TV but I took it to a shop and asked if they could update the boot loader and I think they wound up just putting in new keys for just Hispasat and waxed my other keys that worked. Unfortunately, I don't have a dish pointed at Hispasat (yet...).

So, in short, any pointers on fixing the ZetaCAM, can I use a Matrix programmer in the Orion Dream, or is there a one size fits all module that would do more than what I have? I believe the first question I will be asked is what is my goal? My most basic need is met with CNN, BBCPrime, Multivision, XXL and such, which work without the CAMs. The bigger goal is for FullX to come back, and then to hit Hispasat and get Discovery, History, National Geographic. The ultimate would be to get DigiTurk but the locals don't want to talk about that. Just vague refferences to the section of town to go to and then nobody there wants to talk to the foreigner. No biggie on DIgiTurk, just a dream.