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Hi all
I have a Technomate 5500 CI Plus with a Matrix Reloaded cam. I got this from Ebay about 6 months ago and never got round to using it. I also have an elvis programmer from the OnDigital days and what I need to know is whats the cards i need to update the Technomate, cards required to tune into channels (Tit?) and at the moment I cant afford a motorised dish so is it too much bother to manually align the dish every time I wanna change sats? Or should I just get a monoblock lnb? I mainly want to see the saturday Premiership games and the games shown on Sly PPV channel are usually available on some euro channels. I Live just outside Glasgow.
I know absoltely nothing about this and now the footy season has started I wanna get going! Any help for the most basic of beginners is mucho appreciated!