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hi all, i am sure you have all heard this question many times but i seriously need some info after reading many topics on your site... i have learned to try to be as specific as poss a to what software i have etc so here goes :

i have a cas interface 2 with a fun card.
my digital receiver is a dreamsoft ( if that makes sense).

ok as i said/.. a total newbie.

right now i have a lnb to receive hotbird 13 and astra. stations that the sat guy already programmed in ( sometimes he has to come every couple of months and update it) like multivision, bbc prime & world, spice platinum etc are all ok for now.

i have installed the cas interface 2 software and that is working great...
now here are my questions :
1. am i right in thinking... that all channels that i receive right now are obviously ook till the codes need updating... but the ones that come in as scrambled ... they need to be updated with odes (if available).

2. if this correct... where do i download the files from as i can't find them

3. how do i actuall put them onto the card....

ps i did find some codes but don't know what a dec is??? but maybe i dont need them when using the interface instead of trying to enter them manually.

sorry to have so many questions... i do feel quite dumb right now but i suppose many were at this stage once.

to those who have the time and help me ... thank you in advance.


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Gibertini 1.25m motorised dish driven by the AD3000, with either Inverto BU Quad or Norsat / XMW Ka LNBs . SMW 1.05m + 3 other dishes. Speccy: Promax HD Ranger+
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Don't know your receiver, but if it has been patched to allow you to enter codes in dec (decimal) form, you can update that way with keys from a key site.

The CAS2 you have needs the 'add-on' which you can obtain from various sources. This is the only way you can program your fun card with the equipment you appear to have at present.



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Hi krisstian,

Welcome to this hobby ! You will find a lot of useful info in this site :-

To make the best use of your cas2 you need a cam. Otherwise it is possible to update some receivers directly with new software. Please search and read up to find out if yours is one of those.

Good luck. pcd.