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I am considering purchasing (importing) the Relook 400S satellite receiver for use in the UAE and was hoping that someone might be able to give me the heads up on this.

Specifically, I am planning to subscribe to Showtime Arabia (Nilesat), which as I understand it, is encrypted using Irdeto. What I would like to do is migrate the smartcard from the free issue receiver and if necessary purchase a CAM to install in the Relook box. I would then like to supplement the Nilesat dish with a separate dish aimed at Hotbird. I plan to include disceq switching units so that both tuner inputs can select either satellite or either polarity using dual / quad LNB’s.

My questions are:-
a) Does this sound feasible
:cool: Will card share features work for me to be able to watch and record
separate encrypted channels simultaneously.

I am already an experienced Linux user and this looks like a neat solution for me.

Many Thanks for any advice.

Martin Main


My Satellite Setup
My Location
saudi arabia
if you aren't intersted in card sharing
there is an offer from showtime
( they will give you a reciver called showbox, it's twin tuner and has HDD
you can watch one channel while recording another one with more great features)

i was considring this one ( i have showtime subscription) but my friend have didturk subscription and i want to watch these channles, also for him he wnat to watch showtime , so i have to buy a reciver which have this feature with the ability of recording and watching different channels.

if you have purchesd relook 400 i hope you let me now , i have some questions before purchsing a new one

now i am using dreambox and i am very happy with it( but it doesn't have twin tuner and HDD)