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hi all,

I am just starting to set up a satellite system through my PC. I have a Hercules Smart TV Satellite Card and have a P4 1.4 GB machine. I want to set set up a motorised system to catch as many sats as I can, but mainly to watch Premiership soccer. I am based in the midland of Ireland.

What would be the way to go re a motorised system and can the above card run a DisEqC 1.2 Motor.

All and any advice would be very much appreciate.




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My Satellite Setup
Technomate 5402 HD M2 Ci, DM7000s, Transparent 80cm Dish, Moteck SG2100 DiseqC motor, lots of legacy gear. Meters: Satlook Digital NIT, Promax HD Ranger+ spectrum analyser.
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Don't know the card I'm afraid Malvec, they are not designed to run a DiseqC motor, but can be made to do so by using plugins. Only question is whether the card is compatible with any of the main hobby viewing software packages.


This card has a built in CI so you is might use a official Subscribers smart card with this system. You will also need a CAM module to insert your card into,this will be according to what you decide to subscribe to.The newest 2.0 driver should be ok for your system. The card may or may not run the common programs that are used with Skystar and Hauppauge satellite cards,experimentation is in order! The DisEqC function is usually software controlled,if your OEM program has DisEqC settings you will be able to utilize this function,if not you will need to experiment with other software to find the proper combination for you. Most all cards have enough output voltage and current to operate a DisEqC motor setup.And your high end card should be no exception. As this card is compatable with all versions of Micro$oft windows I see no forseeable problems down line if the other DVB software will reconize your card.