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I've been into satellite stuff for years now, but always with a box/decoder setup. Now I'm venturing into PC based systems and I'm getting a few problems. I've installed a Skystar2 card, ProgDVB with Yankse but am totally confused as far as softcams, keys, etc are concerned. Is there somewhere that I can find out what to do...or is there someone out there who'd be prepared to explain it. I checked out the 'Idiots Guide to installing ProgDVB', elsewhere on this forum, but didn't understand the reference to converting to a softcam file.

If anyone is interested, I bought the ss2 card from for €59. Having seen it offered for £59 I think I got a good deal. Got it in 3 days too. One problem is that the entire site is in german, so having an internet translator page open at the same time is a must. A bit of hassle, but worth it.

That's by the by, any help on my problem would be much appreciated.


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Get the Fun to MD converter from the Utilities Download Section Then convert the Eeprom file from a 6 in 1 file. Then paste it where told in the guide, it should then work.

PS. If you are using WinXP or 2000, use MyTheatre, it's easier to set up.


Thanx for that. Got it working now. I downloaded MyTheatre and I'll check it out. One more question...can my setup only use Softcam files? Some channels I want to watch are Crypto encoded which doesn't seem to included in the Fun 6-in-1 files. Also Satcrypt. Or am I expecting too much? Otherwise I'm well impressed for an outlay of less than £35!!