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Vitor Alves da Silva

Hi everybody!

I'm a complete newbie to this digital satellite thing and am interested in buying a digital system to receive some new tv channels. Since I'm portuguese, I'm very interested in receiving the portuguese channels, like Sport TV, RTP, SIC, TVi, etc. but Sport TV most of all, because they air a lot of soccer matches.
I'm also interested in buying a programmer, so that I can program the cards myself every month or so to be able to watch the scrambled transmisions.

So here are my questions:
- What brand of receiver should I purchase in order to receive the channels mentioned above? I understood that Humax and Philips are the main models?
- How large should the dish be minimal?
- What kind of programmer and cards should I purchase?
- Where can I download the new codes monthly to program on the cards? Do you have an URL for this information?

Please give me all your advice and opinions, since it will help me a lot. Thanks in advance,

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Dec 31, 1999
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I am, like you are, a newbie. There is certainly a lot of questions to answer. Perhaps you ought to read some threads/posts on the board thoroughly and then it may be a little clearer.

It is hard work, but worth it. Try a search engine and other boards and in about 6 months time you may have a clue.

I wish there was a book, but there ain't:rolleyes:

Good luck.