Newbie: point me at an FAQ for expats overseas?

Sorry, as a Sat newbie I need to find info on delivering UK channels to expats overseas but can't find anything that doesn't confuse me immediately!

The story is: I have Sky Digital through a Panasonic decoder & monthly sub. My parents have moved to the South of France and bought the same Panasonic decoder which came with some type of freeview card that gave them BBC, ITV & Channel 4 - all that they wanted really - through the sat dish that was on the house they moved into.

Only, last year channels started to drop in and out and I think they no longer have ITV & Channel 4, just BBC 1 & 2. I picked up some information that this was due to a disagreement over licence fees or something similar, but the upshot is they don't have a service any more.

Are there any up to date links on what the available options are? Ideally I'd like to get them some kind of freeview replacement that gets them back to where they started - the usual terrestrial UK channels.

Any input very welcome.


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I'll move this thread into the Sky Digital Fringe Recetion section, although they are not too far out.

Two main questions, does the card have a yellow house on it and what size is their dish, it could be either a card or a dish alignment problem?

It appears that Free to View cards may be available soon, there is a thread discussing this, search under "Freesat".
Thanks, I wasn't quite sure what the correct forum should be!

No, it didn't have a yellow house on it. In fact, whichever dodgy shop sold them the card had drilled holes in it and fitted screws so you couldn't pull the card out! We discovered this when I took the lid off the sat box & looked inside....

I'll look into the freeview cards as you suggest.