Newbie question on Matrix Revolutions



Hi all,

I am a new member - have been shadowing the forum for a few weeks now amd I must say it is a treasure trove of information about this world that I am about to embark on. I would like to thank everyuone here for providing their knowledge and their help to us new kids on the block.

Settled on the MR CAM, and then one fine day decided to go ahead and order the Matrix Revolutions...

I hope to have it delivered by the end of the week.

That's all that I have - my decoder of course (HUMAX IRCI-5400Z) and the new MRev. Will it work or will I need anything else? I also have access to another decoder to initialise the CAM in first - if I understood correctly that the HUMAX can cause a bit of a problem.

Reading AHAC's excellent MR guide, I understood that I dont need anything else if I had the Reloaded CAM, so I am guessing that having the Reloaded's bigger brother I would be a happy camper... is that true?

Btw, is there some similar type of guide for the Matrix Revolutions CAM? I tried looking for one in the DEN, as AHAC's guide said, but the DEN wont allow me to register I'm afraid...

Any help is appreciated.