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Newbie & Red 478




I am about to buy this any time now. Could you please advise me If I should go for this version or should I try to find a second hand v477.

I have Echostar AD3000IP and just purchased the Elivs programmer.

I have read that you can use barracuda files. Are these the files for the smart card or does the CAM needs programming/re-flashing?

Also, Hisat is offering this cam (ie 478) for £55 + VAT. This is the cheapest offer I can find in the UK. Is the deal/dealer any good?

I know i have asked many questions, but your advice is really appreciated.



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With files now available for the 478 series (Barracuda, as you mention) there would be no reason to go hunting for an old 477 CAM (granted, there are more files available for the 477/old CAMs but how many working files do you need...?)
No CAM flashing is needed (either for the new Barracuda or for the older files/CAMs).
HiSat's been in the game a long while; Tony Hiscox runs it as I recall, and I don't know of any service issues.