Newbie to programming my own card, HELP!



Can anyone please help. I have purchased a card programmer and need instructions/help. I have cardwriter 1.82 but and a zeus programmer. Where do I go from here?


This Idiot's Guide is 'borrowed' from Ajay on another forum...


First of all make sure you are using an unregulated power supply, set at 12V with the (Pos) at pin (Centre).

Put your gold card into the programmer with the Gold Contact face down.

The Jumpers on the top right (Next to the 2 transistors) should be set at 1-2, 2-3, 2-3.

Open your programme (I'm using Card writer 1.82 for this guide).

Look on the right of the programme window, set as follows:-

Oscillator- RC
Wdt- ON
Pwrte- ON
Cp- off

Now, in the centre of the window look for the '16f84 24c16' tab and click on it.

At the top, click on the 'Load1' button and direct the prog to your pic.hex file, then click the 'Load2' button and direct the prog to your eeprom.hex file.

At the top look for and click on the 'Write' icon, the programmer will ask you to make sure the programmer is in 'Mode2', this is with the mode switch(Next to the power input) OUT. then click ok, it will inform you all data will be lost, click on 'Ja', it will then load the loader file, then you will be asked to put the programmer in 'Mode0', this is with the mode switch IN, then it will programme the card with the eeprom file, it will again ask you to put the programmer into 'Mode2', switch is OUT, then it will prog the card with the pic file...wait for it to finish and that should be your gold card (AU or RU) programmed.