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Newbie-yep, another one.



I've just ordered Elvis and am awaiting delivery but was wondering which software version is best as Kevlar seems to be getting hit quickly in all its versions. Does anybody know about 'Bin Laden',
although I am loathed to use something with that title.


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elliots butchers
Its probably true to say that kevlar does seem to get hit but only on certain channels at certain times. The cartoon channel and s#y 1 are ones to sterer clear of.


All the hexes get hit when a new ECM is broadcast that they can't handle. As most of the goldies are based on the same old Secanix code then they fail the same way. You'll see comments about Kevlar failing first 'cos it is most widespread. The silvercards can hold up longer 'cos they originate from the satellite boyz on the continent and so may already have the code to handle a new ECM brodcast by ITV 'cos it has already been used on the continent.

Current gold hexes are: Kevlar 1.67, Simple 3.1b, Special K, Keylog 6.2i, Omega 1.90, Omega Bin Laden 1.70.

Current silver hexes are: MoscAS 2.05, Picc2rd 2.2 beta8