NEWS roundup.



Three items of news from the world of Asian TV:

1. MATV is to launch in a fortnight as a service for the Leicetser Asian community. Leicester is widely regarded as the location with the largest Asian polulation in the UK and the channel will show a mix of programmes made locally and from India.

2. ATN hopes to relaunch later in the month after two months off-air.

3. B4U Music has launched an interactive service allowing viewers to select videos and send messages to friends and family. The on-screen messages will air between 4 and 10.30pm each day (apart from betwen 7 and 7.30). Viewers will be able to send messages by telephone or text messages.

Simply Holidays has been rebranded as the flagship channel of the beleagured Simply TV network.

Relaunched as Simply TV, the channel will broadcast daily from 4pm.

The relaunch comes after Simply TV went into liquidation towards the end of last month. The company has re-emerged as Simply Media TV Ltd.

Mediabullet is reporting that The Horror Channel and The Romance Channel will launch in December, four months behind schedule.