Nextwave CX-6000 prob! Help guys



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hi everybody. ive got a digital receiver Nextwave CX-6000 and as far as i understand has flash problem. flash is SST39VF160. at first when i turned it on i put it on a channel and everything worked just fine. but after a while the picture on tv screen started blinking as there was scart connection prob but it was not because i entered the menu of the receiver to download a few channels but the receiver began to blink again and after some time showed the channel it was originally on. i reprogrammed the receiver via null modem with its firmware but the problem remains the same. receiver seems to loose memory for some time and in order to keep working initiates the last info when it was first turned on. ex. last channel. now i want to reprogram flash on my programmer to see if this way i might fix the prob. but in the cx6000 folder i downloaded there were 3 files, the loader, the rom.bin and will it work if if i use rom.bin as dump file and program it onto 39VF160? or file has something to do with firmware? i would try to do it without asking but i dnt want to kill receiver. do u think all info is on rom.bin? thank u