Nine dwarf chameleons born in UK



Nine dwarf chameleons have been born at Bournemouth's Oceanarium, making it the first one in the country to successfully breed the species.

The baby Elliot's chameleons, at just 35mm in length can fit onto a 2p coin.
The reptiles are perfectly formed, and have the infamous rotating eyes, colour-changing ability and curly tails.

Their parents, rescued chameleons from Western Africa, were confiscated on arrival at Heathrow Airport earlier this year and were taken in by the Oceanarium's Reptile Sanctuary.

This is the latest in a series of successful breeding programmes at the Oceanarium this season, closely following the recent birth of baby stingrays.

The Oceanarium's marine biologist, Oliver Buttling said: "This is an amazing achievement for the Oceanarium, and we are ecstatic about the tiny new arrivals. It is extremely rare for this species to breed in captivity."

Within three hours of being born, the chameleons were capable of hunting small insects - including tiny live crickets, which they catch with their flicking tongues that are the same length as their whole body.

They will grow rapidly and will reach an adult size of six to eight inches within nine months. This particular species has a three year life expectancy.


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