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No or bad signal prob with Humax 5400z



Hi all, wonder if anyone can help with my problem?

I have a Multi sat system that consists of:-
Humax 5400z modified to All Cam (208,3;2)
Universal LNB 6db
1.5mr Dish
Aston Motor

My problem is that on many channels I get the following message "No or Bad signal", and quite often the box will freeze and I then have to switch off and on again before I can use the box again. The main problem Channels are Ticket, Stream, TV1000 Baltic, Ultra blue, Multi choice and others.

I am not sure if I need a better LNB, my dish realligned, the Humax Rcv'r doesnt quite reach these signals or whatever, I would really appreciate comments from anyone who has had similar problems or from anyone who can advise why they think I might me getting bad signals.



intereference? hehe. sorry to be useless but Ive been battling with interference for months so its maybe worth a look but I suppose it would only really affect one frequency


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I would be as much inclined to look at the firmware on the box as the dish alignment. It is unusual for a box to lock up if it is simply getting no signal.

Pick one of your strongest Satellites and make a list of the receivable and no signal channels, that should tell you whether it's an LNB High/Low or Horizontal/Vertical problem. If it's only on the encrypted channels, then it is quite possibly the firmware and may need re flashing.