no satellite signal



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My Satellite Setup
4 systems. In Scotland Freesat with Humax Foxsat recorder. In Algarve 1.5 fixed Inv Quad LNB with 3 Pace 2600C1 and 1 Amstrad HD DRX780UK also 80cm dish with Inverto 0.2db monoblock LNB (19.2E/26E) feeding Technomate 5000CI+ usb.
My Location
Scotlandl and Algarve
I have just arrived in scotland from the costa del sol and i have reactivated my pace 2500 here. sometimes when i change channel to BBC 1 Scotland I get "no satellite signal being received" If I change to another channel and back again it usually works ok. Sometimes this happens on BBC2 Scotland. It only appears to happen on BBC. When I check 10803 signal strength is about 60% with quality about 90%. I tried a forced update but I got "do not disconnect etc." for 30 mins. I tried twice with same result.l Anyone got any ideas?