No signal strength bars in Grundig 310/2



I set up for 28,2 E with Grundig 310/2, dish 1,35m, LNB Manhattan. My location is North Spain Lat 42,22N, Long. 1,27E.
I tried the dish in all the positions betwen south and east and only on one position, I get a sat finder audible signal at around compass bearing 140º, elevation 34º but my problem is that the grundig receiver doesn't show any kind of response in the signal strenght screen it just says " no signal being received". So I'm working "blind".
I understood that the grundig should give a reading even if the dish isn't pointing at a satellite. And I heard that I may need a software download to "wake up" the box (I bought it second hand and it may have been idle for some time), but first I need to point *exactly at 28,2 E. Any Suggestions?
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Hmm, now what seems to be the problem?
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Your first course of action is to test the digibox on someone else's dish,or do you know for a fact that this digibox works ok?.I am sure there is a website that can tell you the exact compass position to point your dish from your location.Using the digibox signal screen to find Astra 28 is like knitting fog,so best of luck......someone help me wiith the positioning website.................brian


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If you download the software here and enter your longitude and latitude and the position of the satellite you want it will tell you the compass bearing, and the dish elevation you need.

This site describes how to align a dish with only a digigbox meter, it’s meant for caravans and minidishes but the principals are the same and it should get you started.

If you make sure the elevation is accurate, the LNB skew is about what you think it should be and just pan the dish in what you think is the right direction (even just by looking at a neighbours dish) you should eventually get a signal, from that you can fine tune the position, elevation and LNB skew. The digibox is very slow to update the meter, it takes a couple of seconds or so, that means instead of panning the dish smoothly, move it a tiny bit (literally) wait a couple of seconds then move it again. If you do a quick pass you could well go past the satellite before the box has a chance to update.

Whatever software version the box is running it should still be able to find a signal, if the box has no LNB connected it might show a false signal strength, but with a dish/LNB connected and pointing at nothing you should get the ‘no signal’ message, but some digiboxes will indeed still show signal strength (but not quality), even when pointing at the ground.

EDIT: beat to it by Rolf again! :) (but I don't think it took me 10mins to write that, hmm.... :confused )

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I would add two points to the previous replies.

1. Sky Digiboxes are notorious for giving false readings or even "locking up" if you point the dish at any satellite other than Astra2. This means in some cases that you end up "rebooting" after each movement. It's much easier with a satfinder meter - a cheap H28-8235a would do.

2. Grundig digiboxes are notorious for power supply faults (often causing "no signal" readings) and most owners end up buying a repair kit to fix this.