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Big business has struck again, the chance of a £30 DTT box has gone.

"After a change in management at TV Compass the prospect of a inexpensive DTT box from them looks very unlikely.

Their previous development to create a £29 DTT box has been put on hold and they are looking for investment to produce a universal remote control. This product will work with all platforms but continue to provide the two-way handset based advertsing oportunities of their original concept.

The original concept was for a low cost DTT box with an inteligent handset that contained a GPRS modem to allow advertising and promotion to be sent to the customer related to what they were watching on TV at the time. It now appears that this is going to be developed to work across platforms and miss out on the DTT element directly - though it would work with any DTT; DSAT or DCable box in theory.

As with all speculative products until it is delivered we don't know what it will be capable of or what its price will be. It is however unlikely to arrive in their original time frame of spring 2003."

Thanks to Digital Spy for this news.

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