Nokia 9800S vs Nokia 9600S



I got a Nokia 9600S with Aston 1.03 cam and DVB2000.
I have been proposed to exhgange it with a Nokia 9800s.
Can anyone make amy suggestions about this?
Should I do it?
And something else.
Someone told me that the Aston 1.03 cam with DVB2000 software in the Nokia 9600S reciever, can be specially pathed in an all cam.
Have you heard anything about it?


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Aston CAM firmware can not be "patched" in the sense you mean. The only thing you can do with an Aston CAM is to upgrade the Astoncrypt firmware in it to a higher release of Astoncrypt, or to certain specific releases of Cryptoworks (V112 & V114). You see, it's the hardware of the CAM (the particular internal circuits and chipsets) that are the determining factor. And different releases of Aston CAMs have had different hardware. In fact, it so happens that Astoncrypt v1.03 is the highest release of this Mediaguard-emulation firmware that will go into that particular (early series of) Aston CAM.

With regard to the Nokia receiver itself, yes that can be "patched" in the sense that the original Nokia software can be replaced by several different versions of the "dr.Overflow" (dvbxxxx) software. But that can not be done on the 9800, only on the 9600/9200/9500. This will be an important consideration when you decide between a 9800 and a 9600.

By the way, an "AllCAM" is a term used to descibe an Irdeto CAM (of whatever type - CI/non-CI or "CA"/embedded) whose firmware has been patched to allow it to process not just Irdeto itself but also the variant called "Betacrypt" (as used by some German and Austrian providers).
Please read the many posts on this in other forums on this board.