Nokia Mediamaster 9600S - LOW LNB VOLTS. HELP!


Can anyone please help me out with a schematic diagram for this satellite receiver? Or has anyone got any suggestions as to which components are most likely to fault given the following scenario.

I have accidentally shorted out the coaxial cable for about 20 minutes. This resulted in a "no signal" problem. I measured the volts on the LNB connector at the back of the box and can only get 7 volts, not the usual 14/18Volts that you would expect.

Someone suggested that the voltage regulator chip LM317T (ISO4) or the transistor BC369 (TS07) may be blown. I have replaced both these parts and think the the power block side of the circuit is OK as I can measure 18 volts between ground and the output of the LM317T. I'm losing the voltage somewhere between there and the LNB connector.

If anyone could help that would be great!