Nokia MM9802 + CI-Modul ??



Hello; I have a motorized Antenna connected to Nokia MM9802s receiver, adjusted at the moment to Astra19.2, Hotbird13.0 and Sirius 5.0 Satellites. I'm going to buy a CI-Modul to encrypt also other channels as Viaccess crypted (embedded Viaccess).

I need to have some advise which CI-Modul to buy:

I would like to buy a modul which is possible to reprogram either with Laptop or by changing the eeproms, to do some soldering is not a problem (my hobby).

On this forum I have found out that maybe the most suitable modul for my purpose would be Irdeto SE4.7 or Alphacrypt - my main interest is on german programs.

If somebody from you have some comments regarding my problem, any advise is welcome.

My Mediamaster is MM9802s, HW1.2, FW SC2.2, Bootloader 1.04

looking forward to your comments.

regards Harry


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Some people around here get tired of seeing me say this, but I'm going to say it anway:
search this board and you'll find all then info you need to answer your questions.

Very briefly: any Euro CAM can have its internal eeprom removed, and flashed with firmware from any other Euro CAM. SO, eg, An Irdeto Euro CAM can be flashed with Alphacrypt firmware to turn it into an "AllCAM" capable of receiving both Irdeto and Betacrypt (as used by PW).
There are a few early Irdeto CI CAMs which can be flashed from a laptop with interesting things like AllCAM firmware such as the 46se or 47se you mentioned (or indeed withs FreeCAM or FreeCAM2 formware for other nice features such as cardless operation and 3/4/5-in-1 functionality.

As I say, please consult the (MANY!!) posts that are already on hese topics here.