Noobie needs help with Amstrad DRX200

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Hello all.

I've just moved to a new flat and the TV aerial is dead. So as there was a sat dish outside I got hold of a sky box (Amstrad DRX200) and plugged it all in.

I can only get BBC1 and BBC2. If I try to change channels to another that should be free it says "there is an error". Then if I try to go back to BBC1 or 2 I just get a blue screen and need to unplug the box to get it to work again.

I don't have a card in the box.

Can anyone help me get the channels that I should be getting? Do I need a card? Is so where is the cheapest place to get one?

I'm not over clever on this satellite stuff so any help would be great.




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You need to get a Freeview Card from Sky £20.00 I think. Or I think you can also bid for them on Ebay or buy now but what the advantage to that is I have no idea :rolleyes: