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I have just bought and set up an H-H mount, 80cm dish with an echostar db2110, 2 cam slots with viaccess embedded. Now I have a dozen satellites programmed in but half the channels on all the satellites are encrypted. Gold card, fun card, silver card, viaccess, irdeto, secam what does it all mean and where would I use which cam for which channels with which cards and as for programming cards for the purpose of education where do I start?


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Best to start looking in the Viaccess forum as that is the cam you already have. Then have a peek in the cards and programmers section where there is a wealth of information on which cards and programmers are suitable for which applications. Also try having a read on this Web Site .

For single cam usage a gold card with an Elvis or Millenium programmer will suffice, if you decide to play more then the options are endless.

I will ask Admin to move this thread to Cards and Programmers section, as it is not really suitable for this section which is for suggestions and feedback.