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Hi guys I am new to this but am just about to sign up to NTL uk for a basic package of theirs and wondered what my options are.

I dont know anything about what I will get so maybe someone can enlighten me.

What is the box they will send me?

Are there any hacks I can use and what do they involve?

Is there any aftremarket stuff I can use or add add on to the system through either a swap or connecting up my pc to the system for added features / extra channels or other stuff?



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Hi Rob and welcome to the site

To be honest we don't seem to cover much on cable tv on the site. Out in the big wide internet there are various things that people indicate that can be done to cable boxes. One thing you should be aware of (maybe you are) is that interfering with a cable box provided to you by NTL is a serious offence and if you do something which effects the service adversely, you can hardly call them out to fix it.

Others may have different views but my personal opinion is that there is not much to be gained over and above the service you are paying for. Even with sky tv and their minidish you can pick up some free stuff but nothing comes near digital satellite tv.

Sorry not much else I can say really.