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Sep 24, 2012
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O2 has topped a new survey of broadband speeds.

The team from Moneysupermarket.com tested connection speeds for 16 different ISPs in the UK.

O2 came out the fastest after more than 20,000 line tests were carried out in May.

Sky and TalkTalk came in behind O2 as the second and third fastest providers for 8Mbps packages.

For O2, the average speed achived for their 8Mbps package was 5.39Mbps with Sky at 3.59Mbps and TalkTalk achieving 2.99Mbps for the same packages.

But the report highlighted that broadband customers in the UK often aren't getting what they pay for.

It found that the average broadband speed in Britain is just 2.97Mbps but it is surfers who buy the most expensive packages that are getting the least value for money.

The speed tests were carried out on connections advertised between 2Mbps and 24Mbps.

The results show they achieve an average speed of 2.11Mbps at an average cost of £10 per month.

The packages offering least value for money are those with speeds greater than 16Mbps.

The average cost is £18.60 but the average speed is just 7.02Mbps.

Moneysupermarket has been very vocal in calling for a compulsory code for ISPs in this country - including making it compulsory for ISPs to publish accurate broadband speeds.

Ofcom has signed some ISPs to a new code but hasn't gone as far as making membership compulsory.

"Ofcom's code of practice can't come into force soon enough, although it's hard to see why the code is voluntary as advertised speeds are a mile away from reality," said Rob Barnes, head of broadband and mobiles at moneysupermarket.com.

"O2 has sped its way to the top of the broadband league offering a great package. However broadband in Britain is still lagging, especially when the second best connection is only half the advertised speed," Barnes concluded.

Source: pocket-lint