O2 launches mobile broadband service

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Jun 26, 2007
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Mobile operator O2 is set to launch its 3G broadband service this week, the last UK operator to do so, with free portable USB ‘dongle’ modems on offer.
O2 is offering the free portable USB modems to customers that sign up for an 18-month contract, who will then be charged £20 a month and hit with a 3GB-per-month "fair use" cap.
If you don’t want to sign up for the lengthy contract then you can buy the USB modem for £120, which sounds a little bit like false economy to us.
Slight contractual caveat
However, do note that you will also have to commit to a minimum of three months on another O2 service, otherwise your monthly charge for 3G broadband-on-the-go will go up to £30 monthly.
Jonathan Earle, head of customer acquisitions in O2's broadband division, said of the service: "We're not going to be the cheapest, but we hope to bring a fantastic customer experience…We're positioning this for our loyal O2 customers."
O2 is also currently implementing a £500m upgrade of its 3G networks, increasing speeds from 1.8Gbps to 3.6Gbps across the country in time for the launch of the 3G iPhone in June.