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Epping Forest
My Satellite Setup
OP Gibertini 100 XP+ Inverto Black Ultra 0.2
Superior Dark Motor (160° max)
(50 east to 34.5 west)
TM6902HD (A/B switch) Octagon SX88+Optima

Raven 88cm Mesh Dish + TM-1 0.1
Stab100 H to H (120° max)
(53 east to 45 west)
Octagon SX88+ (A/B switch) Edision S2

45cm dish V8 Golden 28E FreeSat Quad Lnb
Virgin Media FreeSat
My Location
Epping Forest Essex
The SX88+ is a big leap forward to what else is out there,
It reminds me of the TM1500CI+Super that was well ahead of the rest at the time,

A couple of software improvements to the SX88+ that I would like to see that will improve this receiver,

Blind Scan Search:-
Selection of Horizontal or Vertical polarisation currently only All is available,
Transponders stored in sequence in the data base for each satellite.

If my Amiko A4K can do this then I feel sure the SX88+ will be capable of these tasks.