Ofcom announces new broadband ruling

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Jun 26, 2007
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Ofcom today announced a voluntary code of practice that requires ISPs to publish the true speed of their broadband packages. This means*if an internet service provider signs up it will have to get rid of the pesky ‘up to’ in its marketing.

Already 32 ISPs have signed up to the launch. These include: AOL, BT, Be Broadband, Sky and Virgin Media.

New ruling welcomed

We spoke to Asam Ahmad, Head of*Media Relations, at Virign Media, and this is what he had to say: "We welcome the new ruling. Virgin Media as a company has always believed in being transparent and open.

"It will be good to help demystify broadband speeds for mass-market users, as they are sometimes confused by competing marketing claims."

Be Broadband is also another company keen to sign up to the code.

Speaking about the voluntary ruling, Oli White, Head of Marketing at Be Broadband, said "Be Broadband has never hidden away from providing customers with the true broadband speed they would receive. Now, with the biggest ISPs signing up, broadband customers will see just how much faster Be Broadband’s service is compared to other ISP providers."

The new code comes after public satisfaction with ISPs dipped last year. Ofcom is also looking into extending the ruling to include mobile broadband providers.