Ofcom New Rules on Request to Limit Bill

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I thought this had been posted by another member last week, but I cannot find the thread at all

New rules to allow mobile customers to limit their bills

Only new, or revised contracts though according to the blurb

If you switch providers, renew your contract or enter into a new contract with your current provider from 1 October 2018, you can request a bill limit. This will be included in your contract.
You can choose the limit to set, depending on your needs. For example, you can set a ‘£0’ limit if you just want to pay your contract price and want to stop using your mobile services as soon as you reach your monthly allowance. Or you could set a limit for a little extra above your contract price, such as £5, if you want a bit of flexibility each month.

So, if you have the slightest possibility that you might unwaringly send more than you can afford in a month, ask your provider for one of these.

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