Official fix for dead MMs is coming


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Jan 1, 1999
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This has been posted on another board by user "Morteza":

The ataque one on Magic Modules which you underwent, undoubtedly comes from the factories Dream-Multi-media...
It was installation in order to destroy all the copies of Magic Modules "MATRIX, TOTAL, CENTERED and others...."
The original modules have an original chip TOSHIBA, ataque A of "killing" chips not TOSHIBA....

Unfortunately, certain original modules were blocked, by the activatioin of a virus paralelle on the intallé software...
We assigned Dream-multi-media in name of our customers, so that they replace or repair the destroyed modules... They promised a software making it possible to us to reload BOOTLoader of your modules in 5 to 8 days...

This software will be put on line, it will be necessary to reprogram the loader, using a portable PC.
For the people not having access to a portable, this repair will be made free for all customers VISODUCK having an invoice for their Module...
For certain lucky, you can reseter the moudules ç the assistance of DreamBox

More reason to hold tight and see what comes soon...