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Offset lnbs for feeds


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Hi there,
I am considering upgrading to an 80cm dish with 4 offset lnbs. I will have 2 aimed at hotbird and at astra 2. The other 2 I will have spare, and I was considering aiming these elsewhere for feeds. I realise that there are 3 satellites, 7,10 and 16 degrees, which all seem to have pretty decent feeds on all the time. With only 2 lnbs spare, which 2 satellites should I choose? Bear in mind that I live in Northern Ireland, so the footprints may not be ideal. Would 80cm be big enough for this purpose? Also, which sat should primary focus be at? I understand that feeds are generally pretty weak signals, so maybe I should aim at one of the feed sats, say 10deg?

Thanks for any help


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You can pretty much forget 10 and 16, 16 is too close to 19E to set up the LNb and 10E will probably need a bigger dish, not sure about 7e without checking though.

Why not go for a diseqC motor?