OLED breakthrough promises bigger screens soon

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Jun 26, 2007
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We all know that the tiny Sony XEL-1 OLED television is just the first step on a long road to more practical sizes of organic display, but – until now – it was anyone’s guess when they’d move beyond the 11 inches of the midget gem.
As of today, the way ahead looks clear after Sony Japan and Idemitsu Kosan announced a breakthrough in OLED technology that all but guarantees bigger screens.
Power saving
According to news releases from both companies, an improvement in the deep blue fluorescence of OLED screens is so significant it will, “significantly reduce the power consumption of OLED panels, contributing to the future development of large-size OLED TVs.”
If you want to read the gory details of the internal quantum efficiency (IQE) boost, by all means be our guest, but we’re happy to take it from the horses’ mouths that they know what they’re talking about.
We’ve asked Sony to comment on its near-term plans for both the XEL-1 and any new OLED devices on the horizon and will bring the news to you when we get it.