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Space Voyage to the Lost Planet

Somewhat along the same lines of the film LifeForce, but this one has been directed my the master of bad films (no not Ed Wood, he was good)

A critiques analysis'

Vampire Men of the Lost Planet, aka Horror of the Blood Monsters, aka about 57 other titles. This one is a classic. It's a vampire movie! It's a space movie! It's a caveman movie! It's 3 treats in 1!! In the first part of this chilling opus, an annoying narrator waxes poetically about the vampire culture on earth, as we watch a bunch of half-doped vampires attack some stage extras with toothpicks instead of teeth. Then, we are whisked to Mission Control, run, apparently, only by 1 man and a woman with lots of cleavage. Then we see our plucky astronaut team, lead by the irratible Mr. Carradine, who obviously needed some ruffage. Then they land in the middle of a Filipino caveman moovie, where they help the good cave people fight the bad cave people...sort of. The "special effects" are the real eye candy here: most impressive is the Chromatic Radiation, which changes the film's color from blue to yellow to green to whatever gell the cameraman chose at the time. Watch quickly for an elephant with carpeting glued to it's hide, several wandering water buffalo, a couple of saw-toothed iguanas, furry bat people who fly on strings, lobster people who attack with claws, pre-historic midgets who attack with bows....the list goes on and on.

Nurse Sherri is on later this afternoon, get some beers in.:-sugar