One sky + HD box and 3 TV's???



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Hi all.

I have a Sky plus HD box. I have a TV upstairs, a TV in the lounge and a TV in the kitchen.
I want all 3 TV's to show the same TV program from the one sky box.

Currently, I have one analogue cable from the sky box to a TV. That seems to work well.
I have one TV on a scart to wireless AV transmitter/sender and that works mostly ok. There is a bit of flickering, but it's mostly ok.
I have the lounge TV on a short HDMI.

I tried to put a HDMI splitter from the sky box to the TV's but the sky box told me that it wasn't permitted or something.

Is there an HDMI splitter that can have one input from the sky box to 3 outputs - one to each TV?

If there isn't....

Is there a splitter/adaptor that has the Sky box as an input and 3 outputs (one to each TV)? Have you got a link to such a scart thing?

Ideally, I want to use the HDMI cables. They are smaller and easier to trunk through a house.

If there is an idea that I have not though tof, please mention it.

Thanks in advance.