Opera moves browsing onto Android

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Jun 26, 2007
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Opera sure is making a name for its browsing tech away from the PC – it has now announced a version of Opera Mini for the Google-backed Android mobile OS.
We clocked the first Android prototype devices in use at this year’s Mobile World Congress two months ago.
The move is yet another phase in broadening the appeal of Opera away from its traditional desktop-territory, where it loses out to big shots Internet Explorer and Firefox.
Mobile web browser
As well as being one of the strongest mobile web browsers, Opera’s tech is also used on the Nintendo Wii’s Internet Channel. Opera Mini is available free for most other mobiles.
The company has said a technical preview release is available, and is "inviting the Android development community to test the fresh build and share feedback with Opera for the forthcoming beta".
"Opera Mini will be able to empower users of Android-based handsets with access to all of their favorite websites with popular features for smooth effects and scalable, tailored viewing," said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software.
Opera Mini has more than 40 million users, according to the company, and is distributed preloaded on devices by eight handset manufacturers such as SonyEricsson.