Opera releases latest 'Kestrel' browser

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Jun 26, 2007
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Thebrowser wars continue unabated this week, with Opera releasing the latest version of itsdesktop browser 9.5, codenamed ‘Kestrel’

Speedand compatibility issues have apparently been improved in the latest version ofOpera.

New Opera features*

Explore Opera’s newest features such as Quick Find (the same as Firefox’s ‘AwesomeBar’), Opera Link which syncsyour bookmarks and Speed Dial between your computers and mobile phone, SpeedDial ("a set of visual bookmarks you see when you open a new tab, like adashboard for your online life") and fully customizable Mouse Gestures.

Interestingly, Opera ‘Kestrel’ features built-in support for BitTorrent,which makes it easy to download Torrent files without the need for a separateapplication.

Opera claims to have the fastest browser in the world – "quicker to start,faster at loading Web pages and better at running your favourite Webapplications.

Opera's built-in e-mail client also features improved responsiveness so youcan keep on top of your mail and news feeds faster than before.

Firefox man welcomes innovation

TristanNiton, Mozilla’s European president, had the following to say about the releaseof the latest version of the Opera browser:

"We,at Mozilla, are really happy to see more innovation in the browser space. Afteryears of stagnation browsers are a hot topic again and it's good for all theusers because the browser is the gateway to the Web.*

"Ifthe browser is unsafe and not innovating, the whole Web is limited in its ownprogress. Considering how important, how central the Web has become for morethan a billion people, having innovation and better security built into thebrowser is a must."