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OPOS Card Files

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Humax and BTCI boxes
As I could not get an answer on the OPOS forum I hope to get some help here.
On Opos board you can get some files for OPOS cards (freecam X in 1) which really work with my DragonCam (3.1; soft 3.12). Now the questions:
- what I have to do that the card will work on my FreeCam (4.7SE, soft Mascetti 2.19) too. It was told that they will work with it. Some years ago I invested rather much money to buy it, not it seems to be useless;
- on different uploads one can find Opos files (HB or other) but their size differs from that one from the forum (~23 kb instead of workin 3kb fuiles). I am afraid to use these larger files as they might destroy the card.