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Apr 18, 2004
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The ORF starts its two channels ORF III and ORF Sport Plus in high definition. In October , both transmitters are parallel via Astra and DVB- T2 ( Simpli TV) are available .
It does again what it comes to HD expansion in the Austrian ORF. As the public service organizers announced on Wednesday , later this year, the two channels ORF III and ORF Sport Plus HD will go to the start. In addition, the " state of today " will be broadcast in the future also produces high resolution .
The total number of HD channels so grows the ORF to four. Since June 2008 sends ORF One high-resolution satellite . ORF 2 was added in December 2009. Since last year, both stations are also disseminated via DVB- T2 ( Simpli TV) in HD quality. The start date for the technical innovations in the ORF to this as has often in the past, the Austrian National Day on 26 Be in October . This ORF to start II HD and ORF Sport Plus HD via satellite and terrestrial parallel.
The fact that the ORF for its new HD offshoot additional transmission capacity needed is clear. But a big secret would be a matter apparently do not. Scheduled to go into operation therefore the transponder number 5 on the Astra satellite position 19.2 degrees East , as Norbert grill, Technical Manager at ORS , via Twitter announced. This has the reception parameters 11 273 MHz horizontal (DVB- S2 symbol rate SR 22 000 , error correction, FEC 2/3 8PSK ) .