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original via digital (nagra) and spanish off receiver .... heeelp

I have juste receive an original receiver from spain with his official nagra cam (via digital)+official card. I wish to know what can y do withe those. I have read information about the card, and they have yet 100€ on, but i don't know how can i use it. I have tested it (the cam+card) on my Humax 5300 but anithing on hispasat!!!

All off you siggestions are best coming...

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Find a frequency on the correct satellite for the broadcasts that can be opened by the card (Nagra will be the 30W signals)

Use a network search to find the whole bouquet and store into memory

Access the card info via the Condition Access menu of the Humax receiver and wait

It may take up to 30 minutes for the card to update/initialise and give the info