OSLINK software & Hardware ??




Yes i would, but i don´t remeber whare i got those...

it was few months ago, i found one web site ( wich is dead now)notes for that thing
and there was download address to somewhere, what i don´t remeber anymore, anyway i went there, and i pickup
some info for that... but there is still something missing

anyway so i can´t provide the web address,, hey i was asking that..:-)

anyway i have somefiles , i will send them to you via mail
if you think that there are any good, you can put them
anywhere you like

Hope that you keep me posted here, i really hope to find
little bit more about that

regards Poka


poka said:

here some copy and paste from the readme

PC Parallel port to Os-Link Interface

This interface allow to connect a personal computer (PC) to any Os-Link based
ST20-TP2 board, using single-ended signals; this processors are commonly used on
many digital TV set-top boxes (ST:cool:. On the PC side, the interface plug on a
standard parallel port with EPP or bidirectional modes, using a long extension
cable, while a short cable connect to the STB. After the interface is connected to
both ends and powered, the PC can read or write any memory location of the STB,
also ST20 code can be uploaded and run; with the proper software on the PC, it's
possible to watch or dump the memory of the STB, reprogram the EEPROM areas or
debug the firmware of the STB, without need any resident monitor in the firmware.

In the STB field, two are the most common uses of this interface:

.- Full replace of the STB fimrware or apply patches.

.- Edit the STB stored channels, in the PC.

A) Start the program OSLNKnnt, where 'nn' is the version number (currently '21')
and 't' is the decoder model ('A' Phillips TS4 or DSI175D, 'B' Pace TS1,
'C' Philips TS6).

reagrds Poka
Hi Poka,

Interesting Info. about oslink, however, can you recommend where to get Oslink software and hardware for the P*ce models as you mentioned above.

Thank You.



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