Oyster Vision II Auto-skew modification



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Good afternoon,

I have a Vision II single LNB satellite system- mounted on a motorhome. Because I travel into Southern Spain, and plan to go into Greece, the existing fixed skew means I lose the signal in the South of France.

I would like to upgrade the existing system to add the Oyster Auto-Skew LNB modification, but am a bit confused...

Please anybody advise if this is feasible, and if so, do you know where I could have this modification undertaken?

Is it simply a case of replace the existing LNB with the automatic one - or are their more complex things to consider?

Lastly, does anybody know who could carry out the modification?

I live in Cumbria
Many thanks



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Whilst not disagreeing with the theory of what you are saying, what makes you so certain it is the skew that is causing the problem? Surely dish size will be the problem especially going to Southern Spain, it will be even worse in Greece!

Of course it all depends on which beam you are wanting to catch and from which satellite, no amount of complicated gizmos can compensate for all scenarios

In Spain dish sizes vary dependant upon where you are, near Madrid IIRC a 1.8mtr is required for Sky whereas elsewhere a 90cm is sufficient, I suspect yours is more than likely a dish diameter problem than a skew problem, which could be compensated for easily, by rotating the lnb in its holder